Therapeutic cards workshop with Edna Dvir

Working with Therapeutic Cards

Working with therapeutic cards calls for the use of creative imagination and developing communications skills – either inter-personal or inner-personal.

Their power lies in their ability to tap into the unconscious and possibly bring to the surface buried feelings and emotions

The cards are successfully used as a counselling tool – particularly in those cases when the expression of one's emotion can be challenging.

By engaging with the content of the cards, one can embark on a profound journey into their thoughts and emotions. This leads to discovering new aspects of the self that may not have been familiar or accepted until now, laying the basis for thought-changing processes.

Opening up any deck of Therapeutic cards makes for a fantastic ice-breaker in a room full of strangers. According to one of their creators, "These cards will get people talking in no time - they won't be strangers for long".

Other ways the cards can be used range from light-hearted story-telling to corporate communication.

They can also be used as a game of solitaire or a springboard for journaling or meditation. Their primary focus is on introducing a practice of self-exploration, a journey for sharing, discovering and creating.

This workshop is presented by Edna Dvir in collaboration with Transformation Paths

Edna Dvir is a Holistic Psychotherapist with 25 years of experience working with adults and children. She is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP) with 20 years’ experience teaching in different Complementary Medicine colleges and giving courses in the Bach Centre in the UK and other countries. She has taught many Psychology courses, and workshops on Therapeutic cards to different organisations over the last 15 years. Her workshops on therapeutic cards at the Bach centre in Oxfordshire are attended by practitioners, students and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Practitioners, teachers, counsellors, therapists, coaches, parents and adventure seekers, join us on a journey to experience and master a fascinating tool that will enhance your communication skills.

These cards are suitable for adults and children for a wide variety of uses, from therapy and counselling to art creation, family play, and corporate team training.
Working with them improves our capacity to listen, interact, and really hear each other without judgment or competitiveness.

Practical info

Workshop will run from 9.30 to 17.30.
Lunch break will be from 13.15 to 14.30.
There are restaurants and coffee shops around the area (15 mins walk), or bring your own lunch to have in the park! Tea/coffee and biscuits will be provided during the two tea breaks (am and pm).
Please check the TFL website before your travel and aim to arrive 10/15 mins early as we will be starting promptly.
See here for directions on how to get to the Thistle Hotel Hyde Park and info on parking.

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A creative system, based on images and words, which elicits the imagination and challenges old thought-patterns
A colorful and lively addition to any kind of professional therapy.
A tool for self-awareness, reflection and meditation.
A playful way to improve communication within the family, bringing closeness and intimacy.
A fun activity that can liven up any social gathering.

Their versatility makes them suitable for both professionals and laymen, children and adults.
Thanks to the universality of the images, they’re successfully used by people from the most diverse belief systems

To enhance communication in a family setting or in social events.

In combination with different therapeutic methods of healing.
In a group setting, to spark conversation, bring forth what makes people tick and deepen people’s understanding of one another.
A practical tool, easy to carry and enjoy in any surroundings - indoors or outdoors.

They’re easy to learn and a pleasure to use for both practitioners and clients alike.

Therapeutic cards are not a divination tool.
Although these systems can be used for personal reflection and meditation, Therapeutic cards are specifically designed to enhance interpersonal communication and complement therapeutic activities.

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