Transformation Paths

At Transformation Paths we strongly believe that there isn’t a single route to wellness.
Each “path” we offer is valid and accessible as a standalone option, or as part of a combination tailored to your unique needs.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A natural state of deep relaxation combined with a focused awareness, hypnosis is one of the most effective methods to access the untapped potential of our own mind.

Clinical Hypnotherapy works by creating a safe space to connect or reconnect with the inner resources that give us the strength and resilience to cope with whatever life presents.

This process allows us to re-focus our imagination in order to create new patterns and overcome behaviours that no longer serve us.
By safely re-integrating past experiences, we can achieve an increased sense of wholeness and freedom from limiting beliefs.

Bach Flower Remedies

Drawing on the power of the natural world, the remedies are gentle, effective, perfectly safe and suitable for both adults and children.

A healthy emotional life creates the best possible conditions to assist and support the body’s healing mechanisms. As part of our consultation, we will identify a specific, personalised combination of remedies to help you regain a state of emotional comfort.

Dr Bach designed the system to be simple and accessible: as a result of our consultations you will also build up your own knowledge of the remedies so that in time they become a staple of your own self-help toolkit.

Transpersonal Tarot

Looking at things from a new perspective, we often see them as if for the first time.

Like turning the lights on in a dark room, mindful interaction with the Tarot brings clarity on our thoughts and feelings, providing understanding and creating the basis for awareness in action.

In the safe space of our consultation a direct line to your own wisdom is (re)established, so that new ideas can take shape and creative solutions emerge.

A deeply empowering experience that puts your destiny back into your own hands.


Therapeutic cards workshop with Edna Dvir

Join us in London on 30 June 2019 on a journey to experience and master a fascinating tool that will enhance your communication skills!
These cards are suitable for adults and children for a wide variety of uses, from therapy and counselling to art creation, family play, and corporate team training. Working with them improves our capacity to listen, interact, and really hear each other without judgment or competitiveness.
A colourful way to share feelings, dreams, and ideas within a framework that promotes openness and respect.

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