Feedback from recent clients

Bach Flowers for people

I contacted Stefania to have some Bach flower support for stress management. In my work as a public speaker and trainer I was often hit by performance anxiety and a sense of inadequacy. We worked together for a few session, which blossomed into a more thorough process, spurred by my desire to understand the issue on a deeper level. Not only am I now better able to cope with the specific issues that initially brought me to see her, but I also feel confident in tackling similar issues in different contexts

Immacolata, Naples

My 2-year-old daughter’s first year in kindergarden was a never-ending tragedy. She’d desperately cling on to me for dear life at drop off, crying and screaming inconsolably for quite a while after I left, distressed and worried.

I emailed Stefania, who, after a kind and insightful consultation suggested a bespoke mix of Bach flower remedies. After just one week the change was so radical that I’m still amazed by it. Not only does my daughter no longer cry desperately at the moment of separation, now she actively wants to go to kindergarden and play with other children. She is happy – and I will never be grateful enough.

Deborah, Berlin

Bach Flowers for Animals

After introducing a new kitten to my “resident” cat, his mood and habits took a sharp turn for the worse: from homely and cuddly, he became irritable and aggressive and left the house to go live in the garden. I consulted Stefania for some Bach flower support – besides being welcoming and helpful, she was really knowledgeable and my cats loved her. It is only thanks to the remedies she recommended that my cats are now getting along well and peace in the house has been restored! Stefania’s professionalism, kindness and passion can only yield superlative results!

Maria, Cagliari

clinical hypnotherapy

I have never been a heavy smoker, but the idea of quitting, though repeatedly entertained, seemed impossible to implement. After just a few sessions with Stefania, the result was immediate and definitive. Twelve months later, I can safely say that I have never again felt the need to reach for a cigarette!

Mimma, Rome

I contacted Stefania out of a desire to gain some clarity on my inner workings and increase my ability to cope with life umpredictability. My sessions with her have been a journey within myself, like going sightseeing into my soul…and I can definitely confirm that Stefania is an excellent tour guide!

Ruggiero, Cagliari

Latest Reviews

What an incredible insightful session! Stefania’s process is very intuitive so (she offers a number of modalities for self exploration, self acceptance and self love) we waited until I was on the call with her to feel into what I most needed. We went with a tarot reading. Now for the longest time I’ve been intrigued by the cards but, conversely, also had them up there with weekly horoscopes – which I found silly. What I’ve come to realise is that none of it is ‘silly’, all of it is exactly what you need to be in that moment. It’s about finding the significance we need to find and all of these things are beautiful tools for self exploration. Nothing is finite, all open to interpretation – AND THAT IS ITS POWER. Take what you need. So I had a number of HUGE revelations during our conversation! Stefania is straight talking, she says it like it is, she shares with you her intuitive feelings as they come and allows you to make of them what you will – hiding nothing from you, giving you all the information – because it is for you then to interpret the messages that come. I love her way, she’s open, honest and brilliantly funny and I cannot recommend working with her enough. Tarot is a powerful tool for self discovery and in the hands of the right person can lead you, through reconnection with self, to make choices, take action and steer your own path in alignment with your soul purpose – rather than in line with everyone else’s ‘shoulds’ Thank you Stefania for your time, your insights and your wisdom.

Lauren, Southampton

Stefania is straight talking, she says it like it is,

she shares with you her intuitive feelings as they come,

I was at one of the many crossroads someone in their late forties may find themselves. I was already on a path of self care and self improvement and a friend suggested I “opened” to a more holistic approach and mentioned Stefania and the number of services she’s qualified to offer.
Smoking cessation through hypnosis was the first thing that came to mind, except I knew deep inside me that I’m still not ready to quit (don’t judge); tackling my unreliable and inconsistent sleeping pattern, maybe with Bach flowers was another option, but what was keeping me awake those days was this big decision: a “remain v. leave”  or a “same-old-comfort v. change-it-all” situation.  I was stuck and needed that clarity my ultra-rational approach was failing to provide. Despite the initial skepticism, I asked Stefania for a Tarot reading in relation to this and I’m so happy I did. I felt truly heard and understood throughout the 75 minutes session.  It was not fortune telling… nothing like it!

The reading ended up being a dynamic analysis of pros and cons, hidden and apparent motives, and possible positive and negative outcomes of each of the two options I was facing.

I connected with Stefania and she enabled me to connect with the emotional side of this decision, momentarily disregarding (but never disrespecting) the rational aspects.

I’m grateful for the job she did with me and as soon as I’m ready to drop the excuses to stop smoking I will certainly be in touch again. 

Giaime, London

I felt truly heard and understood throughout the 75 minutes session.

It was not fortune telling… nothing like it!