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Improved wellbeing, communication and teamwork as paths to a thriving business

  • Is your staff showing poor motivation or commitment?
  • Do you feel communication among your staff and your customers/clients/patients/managerial group lacks efficacy, clarity or empathy?
  • Is a high turnover preventing your business from achieving stability?
  • Do you need to implement a culture change in your company?
  • Do you want to improve the wellbeing of your business and staff?

No matter the field your business operates in, or the size of your company,

a healthy work environment is key to a thriving organisation where motivated staff can co-operate and excel in their roles.

Transformation Path’s workshops are designed to improve communication, increase resilience, build motivated teams that rely on shared goals and common values.

That’s why our workshops are built on three pillars:

  • corporate wellbeing
  • communication
  • team building and team work

How these crucial aspects are handled can make all the difference

between a flourishing work environment and an inefficient, unproductive atmosphere.

In addition to my expertise, Transformation Paths draws on a network of international professionals in areas such as team coaching and counselling. These collaborations make it even easier to meet specific business needs by ensuring multifaceted, synergetic and inspiring training.

With our workshop you have:

  • effective communication skills
  • clarity on shared goals and common values
  • a flexible toolkit to improve resilience
  • highly interactive sessions
  • bespoke modules for management and staff
  • in person or online solutions

Transformation Paths for the healthcare sector

Over three decades of working in healthcare,

initially in patient-facing roles and subsequently in fifteen years with the European Medicines Agency, made me realise that despite the best intentions at every level, there was frequently a mismatch in communication between the clinician’s need to impart essential information and the patient’s desire for support, encouragement, and understanding.

My training as a clinical hypnotherapist helped confirm my intuitive belief that the patient’s experience and healing process is directly affected by bedside manner and what goes unsaid as much as – or even more than – by the actual words that are used.

Stefania Trudu, transformation facilitator during one of her workshops

The final piece of this jigsaw fell into place for me in 2023 when I found myself on the receiving end as a patient, first in the trauma ward and then as an outpatient over a number of months.

I’m now passionate about creating workshops that provide a nurturing environment for healthcare professionals to learn the skills required to bridge the gap between clinical knowledge and a more compassionate patient experience.


Company mandated training courses are usually associated with boring mono-directional lectures, joined by staff mainly to make attendance and tick a box. Imagine my surprise in finding myself participating in an innovative, interactive and highly engaging workshop instead. Right from the start, Stefania caught our attention and encouraged us to take part actively, managing to keep us engaged for the whole duration. What I feared could be a lecture became a lively discussion on very interesting concepts, and ideas for personal development and – as a consequence -for the improvement of the relationship among staff and between the staff and the company.

I highly recommend joining Stefania’s workshops to any company but also simply to individuals who need useful tips and strategies for their personal growth. Thank you Stefania!

Viola, Cagliari

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Assessing practicalities &logistics

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